From Our Hands

from home

From Our Hands and Hearts has a special atmosphere. As you drive in, from any direction, the forests begin to thicken as the buildings get older the closer to downtown Peninsula you come. There at the top of a steep hill, the Boston Township Hall sits gracefully towering over the crossroads. Stepping out of the car, the chilly November air hits but the excitement is growing. Inside awaits a treasure trove of items handmade and from years past, set amidst the warm glow of Christmas lights and camaraderie. As you browse, you sip hot cider and nibble on a little sweet cookie. Antique dealers greet you with a smile, and artisans chat with you about their work. Even if you find just one treasure, you leave with more than an object. Memories were made, a beautiful atmosphere enjoyed, and a little piece of it goes home with you.

We are saddened this year to not be able to bring this delightful occasion to you. For us, it is a highlight for the year. From Our Hands is a big reunion of friends, combined with art and antiques, as well as goodies, all set in a beautiful place. This has been a year like no other, and despite not being able to gather, we did not want to cancel altogether. The beginning of November is nearly a holiday for us now, something we plan around, prepare for, and look forward to. Cancelling altogether was not an option.


Though doing an online “show” is not a replacement for the real deal, it’s the next best thing. You can find links to all the participating artisan and antique dealer websites on this page. Everyone will be updating their websites at the same time, so think of it as visiting different booths. This site is your map to the show this year. While we are not able to replace the entire atmosphere of the usual gathering, we highly recommend heating up a mug of cider, grabbing a sweet snack, and getting comfortable with your laptop so you can make this shopping day a little special.